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The Globe Bowl is a great design, which plays with perspective and depth to create another fun optical illusion!

Made in Britain to the highest standards, the Globe Bowl is a shallow fruit bowl, made from 1.5mm steel, which is laser-cut and then pressed. The stud-welded legs are then positioned and fired on to the body of the bowl prior to it being powder coated in beautiful bold colours.

The concentric grid configuration creates the illusion of an unexpected sense of depth and perspective. The cut-outs not only create wonderful geometric designs, but also allow unrestricted air flow to the fruit within the bowl - totally functional, and fantastic to look at - what more could we ask?

The overall dimensions are: Diameter 27.5cm x Height 3.5cm.

The Globe Bowl is available in red, blue or green - select your choice above.

Delivery: 3 days delivery
Delivery Cost: £5


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