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Cubic Coasters

by Jonathan Krawczuk - DesignedMade
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These fantastic Cubic Coasters complement the popular Cubic Bowl.

The Cubic Coasters are made from 2mm steel, which is laser-cut and then powder coated in beautiful bold colours to match the Cubic Bowl. There are three small rubber feet on the base of the Cubic Coaster to cushion it against the surface it is resting on. Raising the Coaster slightly off the surface gives the illusion that the Cubic Coaster is floating, which adds to the mesmerising design! These Coasters really do add a splash of colour and artistry to your table!

The Cubic Coasters come in a set of two (the same colour) .

The overall dimensions are: Diameter 10cm x Height 0.4cm.

The Cubic Coasters are available in either Blue or Red - select your choice above.

Delivery: 3 days delivery
Delivery Cost: £3.95


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