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Michael Peckitt - Very Colourful Jewellery

Michael Peckitt designs and makes a fantastic range of aluminium art jewellery,  inspired by everything around him, particularly his garden!

Michael says ' due to process I undertake when making my jewellery, the patterning is implied and vague rather than literal'

The process is a lengthy one - initially, a sheet of metal is painted using dyes, leaving some areas unpainted. This sheet is then dipped into a vat of single colour dye - this is the colour that can be seen on the inside of the bangle - which pulls the colours together to make one complete painting.

The metal is then treated so that the painting is permanently fixed to the metal. Michael explains - 'This is possible because the anodised metal absorbs the dyes just like blotting paper absorbs ink. This means that the painting becomes permanent and will not, in any circumstances, wipe off'

The surface of the painted metal is then polished to a very high sheen,  before being cut into the various shapes required for whatever jewellery is being produced. Michael uses his expert eye to decide how best to cut the sheet taking into account the patterns created in the previous stages of making.

This process means that each piece  of jewellery made is totally unique, as even with the same colours and patterns, the way the dyes work, and how the metal sheet is cut will create slightly different patterned bangles each time. This is the beauty of these pieces - their freshness and vibrancy make these pieces unique and lovely works of art that you can wear every day!

After being cut, each piece is finished by hand with loving care and attention from Michael. 'I achieve the look of a framed painting in the jewellery  by making the edges of the pieces serve as frames, and do not colour the edges deliberately for this reason'

Finally, there is a special process that the jewellery goes through, that gives each piece a very special quality. Looking at the jewellery beneath a direct light, the light is refracted within the surface of the metal. This means that as the bangle is moved, light appears to run along inside it, creating a unique attractiveness to the finished article.

You can see the range of stunning Michael Peckitt Very Colourful Jewellery by
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