Carly Dodsley

Carly Dodsley is senior designer at Royal Stafford and Poole Pottery in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent and is passionate about both British manufacture, its heritage, and all things ceramic.

Working in the design studio above the factory, surrounded by piles of plates, books, and glaze samples, she creates surface pattern designs for numerous clients, drawing on latest trends as well as a vast archive of British design.

Since 2007, Carly has also worked as an independent designer, creating homeware inspired by classic pattern designers such as Lucienne Day and Jessie Tate.

Her 'Kissing Bird' plates are a new venture, and highlight Carly's ongoing commitment to working with the best British manufacturers on small-batch production runs. The intention is to breathe life back into a traditional trade and highlight the exciting possibilities for great British ceramic design.

See the full range of Carly Dodsley ceramics here.