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Adam Hussain is sent to Coventry!
20/02/2012 15:56:29

Adam Hussain Contemporary Glass Designer



Adam Hussain is spending a great deal of his time these days in Coventry - not because we are not speaking to him, but because he is the Artist in Residence at Coventry University's Faculty of Engineering and Computing!


Adam studied at Coventry University, graduating in 2008 with a first in Contemporary Craft. Since then, he has developed his own range of fabulous glassware, in addition to completeing a number of commercial commissions for the likes of Volvo and Theatre Absolute.


At the University, Adam will be creating a five metre suspended art installation made from a metal and kiln-formed glass. This will hang through an eight metre void over the café area - we will post images when the installation is complete!


You can read about Adam on the Coventry University Faculty of Engineering and Computing blog, and also see what he has in store for later in the year.


On a smaller scale, you can see the fabulous range of Adam's glassware for the home and maybe treat yourself to one of his stunning bowls!



Adam Hussain - solo showcase in Leeds
24/01/2012 11:16:08

We are excited to see one of our top designers, Adam Hussain is the first glass artist to have a solo showcase at the Craft Centre and Design Gallery in Leeds!





The exhibition runs from the 21st January through to the 28th April 2012, so there is plenty of time to drop by and see Adam's stunning glasswork on display.


If you can't get along to the exhibition - don't worry, as we have his full range on the Great British Designs site - so you can view his fabulous designs, and also buy them for yourself, or for a unique gift for a special occasion! See Adam's glassware here.


Follow the link to see the Craft Centre and Design Gallery page.

Designers at Origin
26/09/2011 12:06:23

Last week was a delight! We spent a couple of days visiting various exhibitions as part of Londopn Design Festival - what a fabulous opportunity to see a selection of British Designers, both established and new on the scene.


First, we went off to Origin - which is open until 5pm on Wednesday 28th September, so do go along of you can!


Origin London logo



We are proud that three of our Designers are showing at Origin - Charlotte Sale, Adam Hussain and Timea Sido.


Charlotte Sale Glass is well known for her appearance on 'Britains Next Big Thing' with Theo Paphitis, when Charlotte was selected to show in Liberty, London. Her glassware is stunning, and is a favourite among our customers! See our selection of Charlotte Sale's glassware


Adam Hussain Contemporary Glass is another of our popular designers, and his colourful array of glassware certainly brightened up our visit to Origin! Adam's range of glassware can be seen on the main site - Adam's range

Timea Sido showed her beautiful, delicate ceramics - her stand was certainly very popular! You can see Timea's range here.


We also met a number of new designers who we will be featuring on the Great British Designs site very soon.


We appreciate that not everyone can get to see the fantastic exhibitions where Britain's best designers show their pieces - that is why we at Great British Designs bring the designers and their products to you at home - see all the top designers new work, select your favourites, and buy from us with full confidence that we will 'go the extra mile' to bring you excellent customer service, and whatever you buy, you know it will be unique, high quality 100% British Design and made - especially for you!


Britain' s next big thing......
19/04/2011 15:06:10

Tonight sees Episode Two of BBC 2's 'Britain's Next Big Thing' with Theo Paphitis, and one of the hopefuls is our very own brilliant glass designer, Charlotte Sale.


Charlotte is an award-winning glass artist, specialising in the design and production of handcrafted glass pieces.We already have the fabulous Spritz Bowl (click here to see the details) and we are just about to add more of her pieces to the site - keep your eyes peeled!


Charlotte's skills include glass blowing, kiln forming, lampworking, sandblasting and stained glass. Her emphasis is on a high aesthetic standard and quality finish and therefore her pieces are ideal additions to both home and business environments.


In tonight's episode of Britains Next Big Thing, Ed Burstell the buying director of Liberty's visits Charlotte at her studio to decide if he will stock her glass designs in the store. Watch this space.....

Great British Designer at Selected Awards Exhibition
13/04/2011 15:57:32

We are pleased to announce that one of our Designers, Adam Hussain, is showing at the craft&design 'Selected' winners exhibition, which is being held at The Ferrers Gallery from April 15th until 17th July.


Adam designs and makes glassware using warm glass processes. All his artworks are unique pieces, having a distinctive handmade character and are rich in both colour and depth.


Adam won the Selected award for his unique ‘A Fine Line’ collection of artworks constructed from 1mm glass rods to create geo-metric patterns and abstract images. This intricate and detailed technique can be a timely process and the final outcomes are very rewarding. He uses a combination of both transparent and opaque glass to transmit and stop light passing through the piece; this becomes an integral part of the finished artwork.


We send our congratulations to Adam, and hope that he has a very successful exhibition.


To see Adam's beautiful collection of glassware - click here