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New additions...
18/08/2011 15:41:27

We have been very busy here sourcing new designers and getting their products loaded to the site to bring you an even better selection of great homeware and accessories from the best of Britains top designers.


Recent additions include Steven Almond, designer of the fabulous Cliff Coat Hook - a selection of hooks in vibrant colours that bring a sense of joy to tidying up...and they look good when not in use, too! If you are looking for an unusal, quirky gift - these are the very thing you are looking for!



Cliff Coat Hook in steel with powder coating designed by Steven Almond



We also love the geometric designs from Jonathan Krawczuk, with a variety of fruit bowls in a selection of brilliant colours, and the lovely Tarantula tea light holder, that casts 'sunbeam' shadows. See the full range of Jonathan's innovative homeware designs - here's one to get you going...



White metal tea light from Jonathan Krawczuk



We hope you like the new additions... and there are more on the way! Have a browse - there are plenty of ideas for that very special gift, or you can always treat yourself! Enjoy!